Why W-Commerce is India's #1 Whatsapp CRM?

Brands are not built in one day; they're built over period of years and years to come. A business becomes a brand when they maintain and improve their quality of products and services and it's one of the aspects often overlooked by sellers. There is contrary to popular belief, the job is not over once the sale has been made online. One needs to connect with the customer to build their brand and ensure customer loyalty. These actions help small sellers improve customer retention and acquisition.

"Public services: governance, healthcare, disaster management can improve substantially with the use of chatbots" - thehindubusinessline

A perfect WhatsApp chatbot automation can work wonders for your business. As most of the users nowadays use smartphones for shopping and they're already on WhatsApp.

What if your business can give them a seamless shopping experience through WhatsApp, it would be amazing for your user if they can get all their shopping related notification on WhatsApp, if they don't need to login again and again to see the notifications, if they don't need to scroll number of pages for a particular product, if they don't need to install another app to keep track of everything. Seems pretty great right? Well, all that ifs can be converted into yes with W-Commerce!

WhatsApp Commerce is suite which provides you a platform to build a WhatsApp mini programs and chatbot automation for your business that not only can communicate with customers but guide them and resolve queries a user can have from a product return to tracking the process of their last request. Also, these messages will act as a foundation for building a relationship between customers and retailers.

If you're thinking yeah it sounds great and all on theory but what about its practicality to handle multiple requests of large set customers and their database integrity. Then bigleague player such as Reliance, HDFC are already part of this smart tech and you can be too with W-commerce.

"Reliance launched WhatsApp chatbot for 2.6 million shareholders for its 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Mumbai." -YourStory

The company official added:

"The use of a chatbot to assist investors for an AGM reinforces RIL's commitment to digitally empower businesses and individuals through simple, smart, and secure technology-enabled solutions."

Many users still want one on one communication with the sales assistant while shopping as it displays clarity and effectiveness. W-Commerce provides a similar quality of shopping experience. How a business can recommend products to the users on the basis of their previous purchasing history. Also, users can ask their queries if they have any related to the product. The retailer can resolve them through rich media messages such as images and videos at the earliest or they can also automate this process through W-commerce. Thereby boosting retail marketing.

Customer Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your customers so as to increase your sales. Thereby building more feasible networking for your product. Generally, consumers use mobile phones to access such programs which require roaming data and net usage on their part. While through W-Commerce, customers can easily use the app to track and manage their loyalty points. Also, they can look up for personalized offers, search for rewards and acknowledge targeted notifications on the go.

Retailers have a responsibility to provide its users with the hybrid of both digital and instore experience. Also, the experience must be perfectly aligned across all platforms. W-Commerce lets you enables a similar experience to the users by enabling the users to communicate with the retailers and book for their personal services over the app.