What is W-Commerce?

And how whatsapp is future of commerce in India

W-Commerce is a suite which provides businesses:

Covid-19 outbreak, gave major setback to each and every industry whether it's a new startup or a long-time established Company in India. Businesses can't able to communicate, share or sell their products and services to existing client base or to new customers for various reason. Some of the main reasons are communication gap between customers and clients, lack of proper sales funnel as the old ones are not usable in pandemic situation and fast processing & safety of data. No doubt, many Indian startup and companies tried to overcome pandemic situation by coming online as a result there was a huge spike in ecommerce sector in India

"Lockdown impact: India e-commerce market picks pace, may touch ₹7 trillions by 2023" - liveMint

"The pandemic is a sort of inflexion point for the ecommerce industry in India as more consumers are now willing to shop online. - YourStory

Stores who have been selling offline since years are trying to coming online, to overcome the lockdown situation. But making an online ecommerce store is not so easy which can be done in a day or two. There are many challenges which a business has to overcome. Major pain points of these businesses are:

And many more

"As India progresses further, the future of e-commerce will be won over by those offering seamless and satisfying customer experiences, and small sellers are quickly catching up to keep pace with the competitive e-commerce market with the assistance of third-party logistics aggregators." - ET Retail

And to provide seamless and satisfying customer experience W-Commerce has stepped in the market with aim to help business who are facing these challenges of e-commerce journey. W-Commerce is a suite which provides businesses WhatsApp Chat Automation, Product Catalogue, Data Analytics and Retargeting your existing customers based on their behavior for your business everything under one roof i.e. W-commerce. W-commerce is handcrafted in India for Indian Businesses. It has solved every major problem starting from communication with customer to their data privacy and security. This suite can be easily understood by its C3 concept.

W-commerce suite, already receiving lot of positive feedback from Indore and other metro cities as many major startups and well-established businesses are using it now. Since they have able to provide solution to major challenges we have talked about. Whether it's communication with customer or seamless, secure, ready to use product listing platform or marketing needs or privacy & security of data. All of that under one roof at very optimal cost and their quick process to bring business online.